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Templates. Stock Photos. Deskscape.

Templates. Stock Photos. Deskscape.


I have been wanting to create a place for you to fast-track your coaching business with all the pretty things and business resources you need for a thriving entrepreneurial journey. This is it! Bookmark this page as it will continue to evolve. ENJOY!


The Coach's Ultimate Ads Toolkit

Need to start an ad campaign like right now? I took everything you need to create a high converting ad and put it all in one place for you. Start your ads today.


I’ve been using Kajabi for years. It’s the one-stop-shop for everything online marketing and is the perfect place to blog, email your list, create high converting landing pages, host your course and build a membership. It’s also your front-facing website.

The Template Tribe | Canva Templates

Creating lead magnets and beautiful ads is essential for running a successful business but not everyone is a graphic designer. Select from over hundreds of templates for ALL your content needs and make the creation process fun.

Viral Marketing Stars | Social Media Templates

One of the things we’ve discovered is that your ads will perform better when you’re also creating organic content. But it can be a challenge to come up with ideas that are captivating and encourage engagement. Viral Marketing Stars has created all the social media posts you’ll ever need to get eyes on your content.

Shop My Shop

I’ve created some digital magic for you in the form of done-for-you Instagram posts for when you just need to get something out there like yesterday! Shop Presets, IG posts and Styled Stock Photos to keep your content rad. *I've even got a few deskscape items you'll love!

Quantum Success Book

By far THE business book that changed everything for me. I’m reading it for the second time in 6 months. Get ready to quantum leap your business.

Learn from my podcast

Over 60 episodes on Facebook Ads, Funnels, Interviews, Online Marketing, etc.

When Covid hit, it meant that my husband was working from home in the main office, so we moved me into a little area in our bedroom and put in new floors, new rug, new desk (that I put together myself!), new plants and all the pretty notebooks and things I could find. Here are a few you might like...


My Desk

I’m excited about this desk. For the price, you won’t find a more durable desk. It is everything! I love doing my work here.

Leather Rolling Chair

I used to sit on an exercise ball because my back hurt sitting in a stationary office chair. But I didn’t like the look of a big round blue ball, so I ordered a chair like this one and I’ve had no problems going on 5 months.


I’m a little bit ‘woo’ and I bought a crystal for my Birthday just so I could look at it while I’m working. It raises my vibe every time I look at it shimmer in the sunlight.


Notebooks keep me sane! I’ve purchased a double order of my favorite from Floret. You’ll find these scattered on my desk, my nightstand and in my greenhouse. Love them!

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